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Incantations & Spells - Book of Shadows Here is where to find incantations, chants for drawing circle, charging objects, etc.


Lady of the morning
Maiden full of grace
Remind me of my courage
Hail and welcome be.

Lady of the Moon
Mother round and full
Remind me of my creative spark
Hail and welcome be.

Lady of the dark
Crone the teacher still
Remind me of my wisdom
Hail and welcome be.


East, I call to you,
High above the trees
Gliding on a soft breeze
Eagle come to me.

South, I call to you,
Burning within me
Running through the jungle,
Panther come to me.

West, I call to you,
Deep within the sea
Dancing with the waves,
Dolphin, come to me.

North, I call to you,
underneath my feet
Howling at the full moon,
Wolf, come to me.

Center, I call to you,
Everywhere I see
Joining in the circle,
Snake, come to me.

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